personal_loan  Personal Loan

What We Can Provide For You

Designed to meet your individualistic needs, such as education, money required for home renovation, repayment of credit card or other forms of personal loan. Amount of loan that we can provide for you are from RM 300 to RM 30,000.

Please be confident with us


We will keep all our customer detail information in confidential


Please give us full confidents on your products and services


Leave all your financial trouble to us


Resolve Your Financial by our instant cash scheme

Q & A  chat

a) How do I find you?
Click on the menu button which is show "Contact Us" at the menu bar or call us.

b) How do I receive my loan?
We will direct pay cash to you at our office.

c) Does my loan require collateral?
No! A personal loan does not require collateral but your salary based job must meet our requirement.

Document Required